3 Things to Know About Selling Luxury Vehicles After Auto Sales College

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Luxury cars are fast, sleek, and the kind of showpiece that a lot of people can’t wait to get their hands on when they come into some money. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be easier to sell a luxury car to a would-be buyer, though. There’s a great deal of compelling competition in the luxury vehicle space, and to make matters more complicated, the typical sales pitch you might use for a regular car probably won’t go so far when it comes to selling a model on the higher-end of things.

Wondering where you should begin if you want to build a career selling luxury cars? Here’s what you need to know.

For Many Luxury Owners, It’s as Much About the Brand as the Vehicle

Ask a car person what kind of car they would want to own if money were no obstacle and they probably aren’t going to say “an expensive one.” Instead, they’ll likely have a more specific answer, either pointing to a particular brand or a particular model as their dream buy. This is often because of what owning a specific brand might say about the buyer. They’re not just rich enough to buy a nice car, after all—they’re rich enough to buy a Ferrari, or a Lamborghini, or whatever other make they’ve always dreamed of.

From a sales angle, this means it’s helpful to lean on the brand’s image and story when selling. Get people excited enough about joining an elite club of owners and you could find yourself notching another sale after auto sales college.

A Luxury Vehicle Is an Indulgence, So Sell the Comforts of the Car After Auto Sales College

There’s a reason the insides of many luxury cars look kind of like a library, with full-grain leather and dark wood used all over the place: people want to spend time in their luxury cars, and they want that time to be spent in comfort.

Pros in automotive sales careers can find a lot of success in the luxury niche if they highlight the comforts offered by their vehicles. Point to the aesthetic, yes, but also to features like air filters, climate control, and the smoothness of the ride. If a buyer can see themselves comfortably driving a luxury car for years to come, they’ll be more tempted to indulge themselves and buy.

Sell buyers on the comfort of a car to encourage them to indulge in a luxury experience
Sell buyers on the comfort of a car to encourage them to indulge in a luxury experience

Pros in Automotive Sales Careers Know Would-be Buyers Want an Experience

It’s also important to make the buying experience something special when selling luxury vehicles. That means keeping the test cars gassed up and ready to go—nobody wants to wait to get behind the wheel of their dream car—being liberal with the test driving opportunities for serious buyers, and classing it up a bit. Having the whole team wear nice suits can go a long way to making buyers feel like they’re somewhere special, and even just having nice bottled water or other complimentary refreshments on hand can make buyers feel like they are being taken care of.