Brad Pitt Hits Brakes On F1 Film Production In Support Of Strike

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is reported to have paused production on his Formula One film, to show support for the SAG strike.

The Oscar winner is currently in Europe filming Apex, but a source has told UK media that production has been cancelled.

The Sun reports that:

“Brad agreed that they would finish shoots booked in but has postponed planned production over the next two months.

“The cast and crew of Apex have been filming in Budapest (Hungary, central Europe) but Brad has called for the future dates to be put back, in solidarity with everyone striking.

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“Postponing the production was a massive call, especially financially, but Brad has listened to the concerns of the people he works with and wants to show his support.”

Another source has told Deadline that the crew were scheduled to film at the The Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps frequently referred to as Spa, in Belgium this weekend – with the country’s real-life Grand Prix taking place on Sunday – but this won’t now be happening.

The next planned dates for shooting are Las Vegas in November, by which time everyone involved is hoping for a resolution to the current impasse between writers, actors and studios.

Pitt is starring in the film as well as producing, the latter alongside former world champion Lewis HamiltonThe team recently joined real-life Grand Prix teams at the British race at Silverstone in England, where Pitt joined the F1 drivers’ race briefing and later took to the track himself, reaching speeds of a reported 150mph.