Press Release: America Golden Award Honors Maximilian Riedel as the Finest Glassmaker 2023

Los Angeles, CA

America Golden Award proudly recognizes Maximilian Riedel, the visionary behind RIEDEL – THE WINE GLASS COMPANY, as the finest glassmaker of 2023. This prestigious accolade celebrates RIEDEL’s unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and its pioneering role in creating grape varietal-specific stemware.

Founded in 1756, RIEDEL Crystal has been at the forefront of transforming the drinking experience. Maximilian Riedel, the 11th generation of the Riedel family, has continued this legacy by revolutionizing the industry with grape varietal-specific stemware since 1958. RIEDEL was the first to recognize the profound impact the shape of a glass can have on the taste and aroma of a beverage.

Renowned for its revolutionary designs that enhance the nuances of alcoholic beverages, RIEDEL has become the brand of choice for wine connoisseurs, drink specialists, and consumers worldwide. A RIEDEL glass transforms every sip into a celebration, making it the epitome of elegance and functionality.

Caution: This is a grape varietal-specific wine instrument! This shape works best with wines made from specific grapes. Please read the instructions below to guarantee maximum enjoyment.

RIEDEL’s extensive research on the impact of glass size and shape across popular grape varieties has garnered unanimous agreement from the world’s wine experts. The aroma, taste, texture, finish, and overall enjoyment of wine are maximized by using the correct “Wine Instrument.”

About RIEDEL Crystal

RIEDEL CRYSTAL, established in 1756, boasts over 265 years of glass production, spanning eleven generations. Family-owned and operated by Georg J. Riedel (10th generation) and Maximilian J. Riedel (11th generation), RIEDEL is a globally recognized leader in designing and producing the highest quality glasses and decanters for wine and spirit enjoyment.

Top-rated wineries and restaurants worldwide choose RIEDEL, making it a symbol of excellence in the industry. RIEDEL offers collections for every lifestyle and price range, ensuring there is a series for every wine lover, whether for critical wine evaluation, a picnic, or an elegant dinner.

About America Golden Award

America Golden Award honors outstanding achievements across various industries, recognizing individuals and organizations that demonstrate excellence, innovation, and significant contributions to their fields.

About Maximilian Riedel

Maximilian J. Riedel, as the 11th generation of the Riedel family, is a visionary leader and innovator in the world of glassmaking. His commitment to pushing boundaries and enhancing the drinking experience has solidified RIEDEL’s position as a global leader in stemware design.